03 março 2009

Frase do Ano (Passado)!!!

"The west can go and hang a thousand times, they have no basis, they have no claim on Zimbabwean politics at all" and Raila Odinga should shut up, because “His hands drip with blood, raw African blood, and that blood is not going to be cleansed by any amount of abuse of Zimbabwe."
Cde George Charamba (Zimbabwean Secretary for Information and Publicity)

Note: Post election violence caused the death of 1,000 Kenyans at the hands of mobs, militia and state security agents including the Police and paramilitary units. By February 28th 2008, over 350,000 Kenyans were classified as internally displaced persons, living in refugee camps.
Zimbabwe's cholera death toll has reached 4,000 people, while other 90,000 are suffering from the disease. In 2005, an urban demolition’s campaign left an estimated 570,000 people homeless, by 2007 the internally displaced figure amounted over 1,000,000 people, unemployed rate is now almost 90%. Since all these people are not taken into account in the African political leadership decision-making process and their supposed academic cronies’ analysis, let’s wait to see what we gonna have to choose as the “2009’s quote of the year”!!

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